Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sprinkler Fun

Summer is officially here as of tomorrow at like 5 something o'clock. We finally decided we'd better not let our grass turn completely yellow for the new renters who move in, so we pulled out the sprinkler and let little J join in the fun. This is one thing I will miss about this crappy ol' place. We are giving up our yard for a much nicer home, so we will have to go to a park or to one of the Grandma's houses from now on if we want to run in the sprinkler. We will miss the yard, the neighbors (Rob's Grandma), the wonderful ward. But great things are to come and we will LOVE having our own place. I guess it doesn't matter how much you complain about a house you live's always a home. Rob and I were so excited to get out of our little dumpy apartment to get into this house (a whole house to ourselves!). This is Jocelyn's first home and even though she won't remember it, hopefully these pictures will help her know that it was a wonderful place to start her little life. And we are so blessed to have lived here....crumbly walls and all.