Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sometimes I just have to slurp her up

Life is still good among us Merrell's. We're about to get really busy here, though with the move and all that. We are having a yard sale this Saturday so that we don't have to take all of our crappy crap over to our new house....where we will only allow moderate crap to be ;) So if you're yard sale goers come on over. And if you're not---come on over. I'll be sitting on my lawn eating something delicious like scones with honey butter or something. I haven't decided yet. When I was just a kid, me and my cousin used to have a yard sale every summer and we'd sell scones. I'm not selling them, though. I don't even know if I'll get the energy to make don't get excited. But do know that I'll be on my lawn at the butt-crack of dawn....waiting for yard-salers like yourself to come and pay me to get rid of my crap :)


Unknown said...

I'm all about the crappy crap - that's all we can afford. Life doesn't get better then this :)