Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend in St. George

Ok, so St. George is the perfect place to spend Easter. It's official. The weather was a sunny 70 degrees, and back home it was snowing. SNOWING. In April. I guess that's what I get for living in Utah. Missy and Dale's family, the parents, and my little family all went in on a vacation home for the weekend and it was awesome! All the little families had our own bedrooms and a huge kitchen/living room area to hang out. Our backyard was awesome too, with a big red mountain forming a wall right off the grassy area. I'm pretty sure my nephews spent the whole time climbing it and exploring.
We spent a day hiking and biking Snows Canyon with my Dad and sister, Marina, which was fun. Then before we headed back home, we visited the farm that my Dad works at and then had a nice Easter BBQ in Grandma and Grandpa Naron's backyard. It was so nice to get out for a few days and enjoy some sunshine....before we drove back home to 6 inches of snow. :p The good thing about April snow is that it melts within a day or so.
In 3 weeks Ava and I will be leaving Rob and Jocelyn and will be headed to Maui with my mom and sisters for a week. Can't wait! Maybe those will be the next pictures I post... :)

Me, Ava, and a horse
I feel for you, momma goat
My family

After the hunt
Checking out her basket. She's OBSESSED with The Land Before Time right now
Cute little Ava
All the kids before the egg hunt