Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Year Ends

Mouthful of chocolate.
Not really sure what she's supposed to be doing here...
This picture deserved to be posted, merely because of the demon cat in the background.
The girls opening a present together.
I just wanted to show everyone Rob's mad wrapping skills. He wrapped my present on one side, and left the edges open. Needless to say, I knew exactly what I was getting :)

Pictures of our living room after Santa came...

2009 definitely gave us a run for our money (or lack thereof). We went through two employers, a period of self employment/unemployment, had a baby, postpartum depression, sick kids and no health insurance. But boy have we learned a lot. There's nothing quite like trials to teach us to be humble, faithful, and trusting. Here we are, almost January, and things are looking extremely well for us now. Rob has a great job, we're all healthy, in love, we have a wonderful home, and plenty to eat.
The latest thing to celebrate would definitely be Rob's new job. We had been unemployed for about four months, and had enough money to make one more mortgage payment until we would be living in a cardboard box. Rob got this job and his first paycheck, just in time for Christmas on December 23rd. So yes, we were those crazy people at the mall on Christmas Eve picking up a few gifts for our girls. So although it has been scary at times throughout this past year, we have been extremely blessed and we hope that 2010 will bring more stability and less stress.

Cheese, Boogery Noses, and such...

This girl couldn't be more of a joy. Little Ava is always smiling, and although some people may think she doesn't like them, it's just because she is so shy and truly a sweet spirit....but not the ugly girl kind. She's really cute too.
Jocelyn is a mini-photographer these days. We have a lot of carpet and ceiling pictures, but I thought about making her a scrapbook anyway, to hold her artistic photographs in. I think she'd like that later on.

Ava eating cheese.