Friday, July 30, 2010

Stupid Perfect Cat

I have blogged about Eddie before. About how Jocelyn will tackle him to the floor and read him stories and dress him up. You'd think he'd mind, but the dumb thing just purrs and purrs, so all I can figure is that he must actually love her back. Well, since those days began, Ava was born and lately she has decided to carry on the tradition.

It actually looks like he might be trying to escape here, but the expression on Ava's face is telling me he doesn't have a chance. "Don't even try, kitty" she thinks.

"Good boy", she says to herself.

Now, I wouldn't want you to think that just because Ava has picked up the habit of squashing the cats to death, that Jocelyn would ever dream of quitting. Here is a "puppy backpack", as Jocelyn calls it. But its actually a leash, disguised as something cute, so we can strap it to her back and she can't run away from us in crowded places. She has strapped it to poor Eddie and is saying, "Come on, Eddie! Lets go for a walk!"
"No, no! Eddie, you're not supposed to lay down! Come on! Get up!"

He gives up and thinks to himself, "This is so humiliating." (purr, purrr, purrrrrr)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby #3!

It's true. Baby #3 was in a hurry to get here and decided to surprise us all with a sooner-than-expected pregnancy. Although it surprised us, we have gotten over the shock and are excited for another bouncing bundle around the first part of February! I'm 12 weeks right now, and according to, our little one is about the size of lime, measuring about two inches from crown to rump. I'm getting fat faster than ever (yes I am!) and feeling all sorts of we're thinking this is another good, strong pregnancy in full swing! Fun, fun, fun :)

I don't think we have a preference of gender, Rob says he wouldn't mind having just girls, but it'd be fun to have a boy too. Jocelyn, on the other hand, says that (and I quote:) "boys are lame sauce" and is hoping for another sister. Now, she's not particularly chummy with the sister she's got now, so I don't know if she's just thinking she's going to get another shot at getting the kind of sister she expected or what. Ava is oblivious to my pregnancy, being only a babe herself (okay, 16 months is technically "toddler". But whatever. She's still my baby.) And I, like Rob, will love whatever comes our way.

The amazing thing about the whole situation is that I literally got a one week break from being either nursing or pregnant and that one week just happened to be the week I was in Maui without the kids. Did I say amazing? Because really, if I only get one week, Maui is definitely the way to do it! And when I say one week, I literally mean 7 days (okay, maybe 9). I nursed Ava for the last time on the night before I left on my trip, and two days after I got home I got pregnant. I think Heavenly Father knew that if I HAD to be pregnant again so soon, I needed a break from everything before I started in on the next kiddo. Merciful, merciful. Next time I go to Maui, being neither nursing or pregnant, maybe I should just STAY IN MAUI!!!

Just kidding, lime-sized baby. Just kidding. I definitely want you here.
For reals, though. I do.