Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ava's Birthday!

The poor thing wasn't feeling her best on her birthday, but she was a good sport anyway. We had the family over and even Aunt Missy and Baby Natalie surprised us with a visit! Ava got tons of clothes for our upcoming Maui trip (4 weeks, baby!). All day I kept wondering where the last year has gone, remembering the day she was born like it was yesterday. Having her at home was the single most incredible experience of my life and I'd do it a hundred times again. Ava is such a sweetie and, though she has her moments, is truly my daily dose of sunshine. Don't get me wrong, I love my Jocelyn just as much, but they are very different girls. Jocelyn is my "firecracker", if you will. Curious, strong willed, independent. Ava is my snuggler, giving kisses and is happy to have me hold her at all times (whether I like it or not!) And now my baby is a whole year old! How in the world did that happen? I'm having mixed emotions because the first year of her life, though rewarding, was also probably the hardest year in my life and so in some ways, seemed like a very long, hard year. Dealing with two kids was a WAY bigger adjustment for me than just having one child. Add that on top of a nice heaping dose of postpartum depression, and you get the gist of it. But now the girls are sleeping through the night (mostly), I'm feeling a little more rested and things are seeming a little easier. So, though it was a long, rough year, it's already over! We made it through and we're all healthy and happy.

Happy Birthday, Baby! We love you!

The Many Faces of Jocelyn

"Sad" Come on! Look at that lip!
"Happy" The girl has some serious chompers
"Mad" I love that crinkly nose!