Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Only 15 ish more days!

We have had to extend on our interest rate one more time in order to get our house finished. It seems like the last couple of weeks they haven't gotten a whole lot of work done, which is totally lame since our original close date was the 1st of June. Then the 15th. Then the end of June. And now it had better be done by the 13th of July or we will have to take the stupid higher interest rate. I have been bugging the crap out of the builders and the property manager and just about everyone at Harvest Park and now I think we're finally at an understanding. The last two days they have made a LOT of progress! We now have a garage, a deck, cupboards, a front porch, and there are boxes throughout the house that have lighting fixtures in them. I promised my sister, Missy, that I would get some pictures up so here they are. I realize they are really terrible pictures but last night we ended up going to see the house after dark. We were walking around the house with our cell phone lights trying to see what is going on, so these pictures are really the best I could get considering the circumstances. Get excited for us! We're getting close!


Unknown said...

I'm SO excited for you! It looks great!

Kadan, Trish, J, and Miles said...

Yay!!! That's so awesome, it's looking so good! If it doesn't get done in time, just let me know... I'll kick some builder TRASH!