Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A few changes...

The first change: my hair. I decided I was long overdue for something different so instead of being ashy-poopy colored, I am now a brunette/redhead. I was a little worried that if I went red I might just look like some teenager who got knocked up instead of a stable housewife/mother. But I quite like it.
Next: My belly is growing. That is the first thing people notice when they see me and the last thing they talk about when they leave. So yes, my belly is growing and I promise you I'm more aware of it than any of y'all. And I quite like that, too. Pregnancy is a much happier experience this time around, due mainly to my attitude I think. We're now 35 weeks along(ish), not much further to go!
Everything else is the same.


Julie said...

Cute hair, I love the color!!!!

Kadan, Trish, and J said...

Mig... you look FABULOUS!! You have a little basketball in there.. seriously, you look great. Give me a call if you want to get together before that little girl pops out eh? Or if you want me to take Jocelyn for a little while so you can put your feet up... just let me know!