Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jocelyn's 2nd Birthday

It's true, she is two. I don't know that we've officially experienced the "terrible twos" quite yet, so I'm crossing my fingers that we can get through this year without too much trouble. We had a great day for her yesterday. Rob surprised both Jocelyn and I by coming home early from work to help us clean and decorate the house for

the cake and ice cream party later that evening. We went to McDonalds...or in Jocelyn's words, "Ol' McDonos, moo moo here!" for dinner for a happy meal. Afterwhich Rob's family and my Mom and Savannah came over for cake and ice cream. I swear she got more gifts than Christmas and boy did she love it! Her favorite, by FAR, was the gift that Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Matt gave her, a realistic baby with a carseat and diaper bag and all the gadgets that go in it! I also made her a quilt and pillow to fit her toddler bed with Dora the Explorer on it, which she thinks is pretty cool.
We still have the balloons and streamers all over our house and I think for the sake of Jocelyn's excitement, they might just stay up for a while longer. :)


Missy and Dale said...

Happy Birthday, Jocey. Sometime soon I will have Dylan call her and wish her happy birthday. I kept asking him to last night, but he had a friend staying over and he was way too busy. We might stop by this weekend and give her a present.
That's funny about Old McDonald's cause that's what my kids have alway called it,,,minus the animal sounds. Ha ha. That's so funny.