Saturday, November 1, 2008




We all dressed up this year, which is a first since Rob usually doesn't care to participate. But since I spent a whole hour and a half making his rubix cube costume, he was willing to join in the fun. Obviously, I was a pumpkin, and even though it may seem SO obvious I still got a lot of questions from little trick-or-treaters, "what are you supposed to be?" Then I'd say something like "Um...a fairy princess". They'd give me a really weird look, take their candy and run. Jocelyn was the cutest bumble bee out there. I was worried that she wouldn't wear her costume that I sewed for her, because before the actual day of Halloween and the bribery of candy, she hadn't even tried it on. Every time I would ask her if she wanted to wear her bee suit, she would scream and throw a tantrum. Sheesh. What a sweetheart we've got. But I have proof now, with the pictures, that she actually DID try on her bee costume and it fit perfectly.
We spent the evening eating chili at my parent's and way too many sweets. Aunt Savannah took Jocelyn around the neighborhood to trick or treat and I think she had fun. Afterwards we went on over to the Merrell's for a "special" treat from Grandma and Grandpa. They kindly helped me to scrub off all of the "washable" orange makeup that so kindly did not want to wash off my face. But my face is back to normal and we can call Halloween of 2008 a success!

Oh--and the big mess spilled down my boobs was water that Rob threw at my face out of his glass to "help" me get the orange makeup off my face. Thanks babe. I look fabulous now. :)