Thursday, May 29, 2008

The House

Kitchen and Dining area
Kitchen entryway from the Living Room
Jocey's Room
Master Bedroom

So here are some recent pictures of the house. We have paint on the walls, doors, and mesh on the kitchen and bathroom floors in preparation for the tile. Give us another week and I'll upload some pictures of my tile floors!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok, so I suck....

I've been really bad about taking pictures lately. I don't know what it is. I must have a case of writers block...but for photographers. Anyway, here's a really old picture of Jocelyn from a couple of months ago. We'll be heading over to our new house tonight to see if the tile guy bothered to show up today....since he didn't show up last Friday when he said he would...and then of course it was a long weekend, so we're rooting for today.

Oh yeah--and I have allergies :p

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tea Party

Jocelyn is really a girly-girl. But not this day. She would absolutely NOT have any of this stupid tea party. I swear, the potential for amazingly cute pictures was definitely there....but she wasn't in the mood I guess. Oh well.

The house is still coming along--
We have paint on our walls now and I keep meaning to post some pictures of it. I will make that my project for this week. But everything is beautiful and I imagine we'll be packing up and moving in a month or so (if not sooner). AAAAAH! We're about to start a mortgage! Exciting, yet very scary times. Send some relax-dust our way :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ooooh! yucky kisses!

I didn't think she was old enough to be embarrassed of her daddy's kisses yet....
guess I was wrong. :p


Just a quick shot of Joc and her cute cousin, Alyssa. They were the flower girls for the wedding a couple weekends ago.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to normal...

Well, we made it past the gas leak and past the wedding, so we are officially back to normal. Our house is coming along really well, although I wish it would come along even faster. We now have stairs...real stairs, not those scary boards that we risked our lives on every time we wanted to go up or downstairs. Our doors are up and they're working on the as soon as that is finished, they paint! Wahoo! We haven't heard anything further on updating our closing date, so we're still rooting for the beginning-middle of next month. I have suspicions they're going to take longer, though because we have yet to choose some things such as carpet, appliances, etc. So we'll see.
Anyway, this is a shot of Jocelyn from a week or so ago. She loves that little stroller and pushes her stuffed elephant, mini mouse, care bear, chalk, water bottle, pretty much anything she finds, all day long in that thing. She turns 16 months old here in a few days. 16! I swear I just gave birth to her. Ah, such is life. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Success!

The wedding went well and we were all pooped when the weekend was over and in much need of another weekend. After the party was over, we were looking forward to relaxing and getting back into the groove of things, when we had a gas leak on our water heater! Ugh, what a pain! We called Questar and they tested everything, only to find that we had carbon monoxide all over the place! Scary! But we got it all cleared out and spent a night at the in-laws just until we got things fixed and safe again. I cannot even tell you how excited we are to get into our new place--where everything will be new and nothing will be broken or almost broken. It's Thursday now and it seems that we're finally back into normal life. We are looking forward to popping some popcorn and sitting down to watch The Office tonight. And as far as our plans for this weekend goes....well, we're not planning a dang thing. And happy to do so. :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

wedding this weekend

Rob's little sister, Lindsey is getting married to her fiance, Matt this weekend in the Bountiful Temple. These are samples of the bridals and the engagements and I've got a big weekend ahead of me...lots of pictures to take...lots of people to please. We're going to be having the reception at the "white church" in Mapleton the night before and it should turn out pretty nice. Anyway....this will pretty much fill up our weekend, so if anybody tries to get in contact with us Merrell's and just can't seem to...that is why.