Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Success!

The wedding went well and we were all pooped when the weekend was over and in much need of another weekend. After the party was over, we were looking forward to relaxing and getting back into the groove of things, when we had a gas leak on our water heater! Ugh, what a pain! We called Questar and they tested everything, only to find that we had carbon monoxide all over the place! Scary! But we got it all cleared out and spent a night at the in-laws just until we got things fixed and safe again. I cannot even tell you how excited we are to get into our new place--where everything will be new and nothing will be broken or almost broken. It's Thursday now and it seems that we're finally back into normal life. We are looking forward to popping some popcorn and sitting down to watch The Office tonight. And as far as our plans for this weekend goes....well, we're not planning a dang thing. And happy to do so. :)


Melissa said...

That picture is rockin'! I wish I could get married again so you could take my pictures for me.

Too bad I can't squeeze in to my wedding dress so we could reinact my wedding. But yeah... that ain't gonna happen!