Friday, March 4, 2011

Pictures of Gabe

Me and Gabe ready to go for our first walk. He looks so tiny here!

I'm decorating Gabriel's room in a pirate theme, so I made him this blanket and my Mom crocheted him these cute little pirate booties!

I made him this monkey hat forever ago and it's fun to finally have a baby to put it on!
Sucking on Aunt Missy's chin. Who needs a napkin, eh?
Big sister Ava :)
Big sister, Jocelyn. She looks so grown up here to me!
No little boy has ever been as cute as my Gabe. Check out those luscious lips! Don't you just wanna kiss 'em?
That's all for now, folks. Just wanted to show off my baby :)


Melissa said...

Are you saying that I dribbled food all over my chin and let him suck it off? I'm seriously cracking up over here.

Rob Merrell said...

Cute kids, their father must be epically handsome!

Mig said...

Hahaa, yes Missy. That was entirely my intention. I'm glad you get me. :)

Grass Roots Doula said...

OH MY GOSH MIG! Beautiful family....I want to bury my nose in Gabe's neck, he is PERFECT!