Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I know, it's been forever since I've blogged and you're all missing me terribly. So here's what has been going on: I'm extremely pregnant right now. My "due" date is a painfully long seven days away, but I'm sure it will be more like a painfully long ten or eleven days away before our little guy decides to make his debut.....'cause that's just the way I roll. I'm heavier now than I ever got with my other two pregnancies and I'm definitely feeling it. Last Sunday I got to the point where even my Large size shirts are all not large enough to cover my protruding torso. After standing in my closet, throwing clothing here and there, I gave up. I put my pj's back on and dramatically flopped down on my bed and complained to Rob that I had "nothing to wear!" He calmly stroked my hair and told me, "You've got just a few more weeks, babe." To which I replied, "Two weeks is a long time to be in your pajamas!" and then I cried. But just a little bit. He may not have even noticed. But then I got over my moment of frustration and moved on with my day. But just a little bit.

Jocelyn turned 4! I just can't believe it. She started primary also, and she absolutely loves it! Apparently her class is one of "those" classes, you know, with the extra rambunctious children. Her teachers tell me, though, that she never lets it get to her. She sits in her seat with her hands folded, listening to instructions and always willing to give a prayer or answer a question when called upon. That's my girl. :) I'm so proud. For her birthday we had a Rapunzel party and her favorite toy ended up being a unicorn on a stick...the kind with the horse head that you can straddle the stick and ride around on.

Ava is growing too. In just a little more than a month my baby will be two and I will have a new one month old baby by then. I sometimes feel bad for her short-lived baby life, making her a middle child before she even saw it coming. But she is really so grown up. Her vocabulary is quite lengthy and developed and she has no problem keeping up with her big sister. I don't really want to say it out loud (so instead I will just type it), but she is very interested in potty training already. She will always tell me when she has just peed or when she is pooping and often asks to sit on the potty when her sister is going. Last night I placed her on the toilet and she pushed and pushed until a few tiny drops of pee trinkled into the toilet! I couldn't believe it. Then this morning she woke up especially early because she couldn't stand to be in her wet diaper one second longer. I'm not jumping the gun, though. I will continue to do this for her as long as it is fun but I'm going to let her take the lead. Jocelyn didn't potty train until she was 3 and Ava is not quite 2, so this could very well be a fluke. I also realize that as soon as the baby is born she will likely regress a bit and I would MUCH rather change a diaper than clean up poopy panties.

Rob started a new job yesterday! I know, I know. He starts a new job like every year. Well, actually just every time we have a baby. I don't know why it's worked out that way, but it has. The company he was working for was a good 45 minute (one way) drive every day and he was putting gas in the truck every four days, at $40 a pop. The programing team he worked with was also dysfunctional and so he was generally unhappy where he was. So he thought he'd start looking around, and what do you know, the first company he applied for he got! I know I'm biased and whatever, but Rob really is exceptional at what he does. This is really where his talent lies and I'm so glad that people are taking notice. I couldn't be more proud. So now he works just in Provo, about a 15 minute commute. We got a little raise, but besides that he will be saving probably $100/month just on gas, they pay 100% of our health insurance, and they pay for his phone contract. So yeah. Huge blessing. It has been a little over a year since our bout of unemployment and I still don't feel like we have been able to get on top of our finances. It will be such a nice feeling to get on top of debt and build up a good amount of savings.

Other than that things are just pretty chill. We're getting the house ready for the home birth and trying our best to stay healthy throughout the long winter that Utah inevitably brings each year. I'll keep you posted on the big changes that will be happening over the next few months....Peace!


Lyndsey said...

Toward the end of my pregnancy I had one shirt that fit and one pair of pants. My mom actually lent me some of her shirts so my belly wouldn't stick out when I would go places. So I know how you feel. Hang in there!

Julie said...

Sometimes getting up in the morning, and trying to find some clothes that you might feel like you look good the WORST part of the day. Trust me, I know. Yet, I have no child coming in the near or distant future for that matter. Whats wrong with this picture? Hope your week turns out better than your sunday! XOXOXO