Friday, July 30, 2010

Stupid Perfect Cat

I have blogged about Eddie before. About how Jocelyn will tackle him to the floor and read him stories and dress him up. You'd think he'd mind, but the dumb thing just purrs and purrs, so all I can figure is that he must actually love her back. Well, since those days began, Ava was born and lately she has decided to carry on the tradition.

It actually looks like he might be trying to escape here, but the expression on Ava's face is telling me he doesn't have a chance. "Don't even try, kitty" she thinks.

"Good boy", she says to herself.

Now, I wouldn't want you to think that just because Ava has picked up the habit of squashing the cats to death, that Jocelyn would ever dream of quitting. Here is a "puppy backpack", as Jocelyn calls it. But its actually a leash, disguised as something cute, so we can strap it to her back and she can't run away from us in crowded places. She has strapped it to poor Eddie and is saying, "Come on, Eddie! Lets go for a walk!"
"No, no! Eddie, you're not supposed to lay down! Come on! Get up!"

He gives up and thinks to himself, "This is so humiliating." (purr, purrr, purrrrrr)


Vanae said...

hahahaha. I LOVE these pictures! I would say that the way that he got so stupid is that he was named after a dumb vampire which sparkles in the sunlight.... but... well... let's not argue, Mig. Let's not argue.