Friday, February 5, 2010

Unicorn Poop

February has officially begun and winter depression is in full swing. Honestly, though, this year hasn't been as bad as previous years for me. Probably my hippy happy pills. But still, something about day after day of gray skies, bitterly cold weather, and being couped up inside a messy house full of screaming children can get to me. Call me crazy. So on the rare occasion that the sun manages to break its way through the warning hazard inversion, we bundle up and go for a walk.

Some of our funniest memories happen when we are on these walks. Like the story of the unicorn poop. Over New Years, the whole extended fam came over and we decided to take a family picture. We all headed over to the red barn in our neighborhood, dressed all nice for pictures, to find the ground at the barn covered in poop. For some reason Jocelyn has decided it was unicorn poop. Turns out, it wasn't poop at all though. As I looked closer during a few of our winter walks, I realized it was owl pellets. Watching one of Jocelyn's favorite kids shows, Zaboomafoo, made me remember a certain episode. So this is how it goes....the owl eats a mouse, digests the meat, and barfs up a gross lump of fur and bones. Pretty disgusting, but pretty cool.

Anyway, everytime we pass our red barn, Jocelyn tells me about the unicorn poop and how it would be really gross to eat it, and how it's much better to just eat brefast and lunch and dinner and treats. Here are a few pictures, not of the unicorn poop (would you have taken a picture?), but of our park and other cute things. Enjoy :)


Dusty said...

Love the pictures Mig! You have two cute little girls! I'm dying of jealousy over your hair. Are you LOVING it??

Jonathan said...

I'm sorry winter makes you depressed. It makes me a little annoyed, due to the fact that I can't go outdoors easily. Rachel also get terribly downtrodden when the snow hits and the skies turn gray and dark. The story about unicorn poop is really funny and it makes me wish i had kids...I hope spring comes early for bot you and Rachel's sakes!
Jonathan Strange

Vanae said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...and again...and again: you have the most beautiful girls in the whole wide world. I love the pictures of them.

Secondly, don't let winter beat you. He's been beating me too. Result=mental break-down. But I'm not going to stand for it! I'm taking up arms and fighting. You in?

Melissa said...

hey, i'm commenting:)