Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I guess I should have put some of my pictures together as one image, because this thing is only going to let me load a few of them. So I'll just have to make another whole post with only pictures after this.
Anyway----we went on a vacation! And it's about freaking time. We stayed at an awesome cabin in Jackson Hole and visited Yellowstone and all the weird little shops around Jackson. We could not have picked a better weekend to go. The weather was so beautiful, all the trees were golden and orange and red, and the temperature was perfect. I had never been to Yellowstone, so it was a lot of fun. Jocelyn did awesome in the car (surprisingly) so it made the experience all the more better.
We didn't see much wildlife, though. We saw some elk, some buffalo, a dead moose on the side of the road, and tons of geese. The geese must have all been flying south and stopping in Jackson for a break during the weekend of our visit. They were everywhere! We would wake up to the sound of them honking and Jocelyn had a lot of fun chasing them around our cabin area.
We spent three days, and although it doesn't sound like long it was nice to get back in our own beds and onto a more regular schedule.