Friday, April 11, 2008

Well, hello!

So my dear friends, Tricia and Kadan, started up a blog and I got all sorts of jealous that I didn't have one. So here we are, just a happy little family of three...and now we're officially cool because we have our very own family blog :) Just to update those of you who may not have heard from us in a while, here's what's been going on:
Our sweet little Jocelyn Sage has turned one and has almost made the half mark to her next birthday already! She is 15 months old and cuter than ever. She's curious about everything and loves to wear mom out while dad is at work during the day. Good thing dad loves to take over when he gets home :) so mom can have a break. Rob is working for a great company here in Springville and just recently got a raise (woohoo!!!). He is almost finished with programming his own business project, Trackera, and hopes to make us into Kabillionairs. He's also pretty hot.
As for me (Mig) I am a happy little stay-at-home mom and wife to the coolest family ever. I've been slowly building my photography portfolio and hope to someday fill my time doing the thing I love best....taking pictures. For now, though, I'm working part-time at home as a medical transcriptionist.
We're all living in Rob's Grandma's rental house here in Springville, but hope to be moving this summer to a new home that we are building in Mapleton! Anyway, that pretty much sums life up for us at the moment. I'll try to be super good at posting things, but if you come to our blog more often than we update it, you can always visit my flickr page to see whatever photos I have been taking recently. However, if you're not already a member and marked as "friend" or "family" on flickr, you won't be able to view my photos...SO, let me know if you want an invite and I'll send you one. If you DO have an account, my page is as easy as this:

Thanks for visiting our blog!


Trish and Kadan said...

Yeah for blog friends! (I'll get after Trish to get those pictures, promise) You guys look great!