Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Playing Catch Up


Since my last post was back in July, I thought it was time for a new update. Fall has come and is nearly gone already! We went up the canyon to enjoy some of the pretty leaves before they were all dry and brown. It's been really nice to finally have some cooler weather. That being said, I don't know how ready I am for winter to come. Do y'all realize it's November already and mr. baby is going to grace us with his presence in only 3 short months?! Oh yeah...and I don't know if I posted about that either. We are having a boy! Baby brother is on his way and the girls are getting excited! We're going to name him Gabriel and when we talk about him, we call him Gabe. Jocelyn calls him "Gave", though, and although I've corrected her plenty of times, she is persistent and insistent that it is Gave, not Gabe, and that Gabe would be just a silly thing to call a baby brother. So, as Rob's sister Lindsey pointed out to me, Jocelyn called baby Ava, baby "Aba", and is now calling baby Gabe, "Gave". I'm not sure what went wrong there. Things straightened out for Ava though, so hopefully baby brother will get to be called by his real name some day too.
We are doing great these days. Rob got a really great and unexpected bonus at work, just because he is so awesome. His game, Plasma Cannon (Available exclusively to Palm Pre owners), has done great. He is almost up to 1000 sales and he won a $1000 Palm/HP credit in a contest for how well his game has done! We are really excited for him. Jocelyn is in desperate need of some socialization, and so come January I think we're going to try to put her in a preschool (when the new semester starts--who knew preschool had semesters?!) Ava is a little stinker and its lucky that one year olds are the cutest because that's the only thing that's saving her from a good bum paddling. She has started nursery at church, and because Jocelyn is still in there until January I thought the transition would be easy for her. I spoke too soon apparently because I am in there for the full two hours to avoid a tantrum that the nursery leaders have made it very clear, they do not want to handle. I'm sure she would do fine if she could just cry it out for a few minutes, but they are not up to it and I guess I can't blame them. So, as you can imagine, church is very fulfilling for me. After fighting with the kids for an hour in Sacrament meeting to sit down and convince them that they do not need to go out for yet another drink of water, I get to go play with the little ones in nursery. Woot. But really, it's not so bad. I'm just a little crusty sometimes. ;)
I am doing well, just cooking this baby brother and trying to get enough sleep at night. We're preparing for another home birth and so I've casually started to pick up my Hypnobabies practices here and there, and I am remembering how much I love hypnosis! It is so relaxing and makes me feel so much more positive about everything. I have a great midwife this time who is actually going to let me follow her as a doula to a birth or two in December so I can finish up my certification before the baby is born. I feel really comfortable with her as she is very knowledgeable and confident in the process of birth, and besides that is just a really awesome lady.
I have a bunch more pictures to post about my St. George trip, Halloween, and my new little hat business I'm starting, so stay tuned. Other than that, we're all healthy and happy!


Melissa said...

I love the slobber coming out of Ava's mouth. hahaha