Sunday, January 4, 2009


I'll post some pictures from the actual day in a bit, but for now here's one of Jocelyn in her Christmas dress and hat. It was a great day for us all! Jocelyn got way too many toys, so much so that we had to rearrange her bedroom and take out her crib to fit in all of her new stuff. She's officially in the toddler bed and for now the crib is moved into our bedroom for Ava to use. It took a few days for Jocelyn to get use to her bed, she would hop out of bed and peek her little head out of the door to see if Rob or I were watching. When we'd say "Jocey, get back in bed", she would run back in her room laughing and squealing like this was the most fun she'd ever had. In fact, one day she was enjoying her freedom and slept all crunched up in her doll-sized play pen. Her head kept bobbing up and down and she woke up in the worst mood! She hasn't done that since. :)
The belly is still good. If we go by our farthest due date (March 15th) we have 10 more weeks left. If we go by our closest due date we only have we'll see. I'm betting on the late one so I won't be disappointed when I'm STILL pregnant past my due date, as was the case last time.
Rob has started up on the South Beach Diet again. The first time was about a year ago and he lost about 20 pounds really fast, but we both lost momentum. When he was sick of dieting I was sick of making the meals for him, but we've both re-dedicated and he's gonna make it all the way through this time! I know, I know....New Years resolution. But for realsies, I know he can do it.
Other than that, life is still about the same around here.