Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Becky's bridals

This Saturday is the big day for Rob's cousin, Becky and her fiance' Jeremy. Becky is a beautiful bride and it's awesome how she's up for anything! The wedding is going to be held up the canyon at a beautiful pavilion and the weather is supposed to be great, so I'm getting excited.

On another note....things around here are truckin' on. It's that time of year for the peaches to be in season so I've been all sorts of domestic and been bottling peaches until I can't possibly stand at the sink and peel one more. My peaches are beautiful, though. It's worth posting a picture of my bottles, they're so perrrty. Other than that, life goes on and I'm sure sooner or later something exciting ought to happen and then everyone will be so amazed at my blog. Wooohoo.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I kept meaning to get my house together so that it looks really clean and organized. Then I would have taken some beautiful pictures and posted them to try to impress all of my friends and family. But then I realized that if I posted clean pictures of my house, if you ever came to visit, you probably wouldn't recognize it as the same house. So screw it. This is even my tidy. The reality is that I have a toddler and she just doesn't like anything to be where it should be. No pillows on the couches or chairs, no books on the coffee table. No thank you. She walks by and politely tosses them on the floor, just as I've picked them all up again to vacuum. So here are a few shots of the house with our furniture in it. We really do love it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sister to Bee....

It's true. Jocelyn is going to be a big sister, and though I'd like to say that the excitement on her face in this picture was due to that fact, I'd be lying. She was actually laughing because I was drawing on my face with chalk at that moment.....anything for a picture :) Mama is 13 weeks along, so just over 3 months. We had the first doctors appointment last week and we have a good strong heartbeat! Besides the usual wanting to throw up whenever I have to change a poopy diaper, and constant fatigue, everything is going really smoothly so far. The baby is due on March 8th and we're so excited to have a spring chicken on the way!

Okay, so besides that, this is what else is going on in our lives: We moved into our house (finally!) and have been here for about a month but I've just been way too lazy to update the family blog. The house is beautiful and we're still slowly but surely putting things in their places. It's nice to finally have enough space for all of our crap....which is a lot actually. It surprises me how much crap we've gathered up in the last 3 years of marriage. (Oh yeah, and we had our 3rd wedding anniversary on August 5th) But we love it here and we finally feel like we're settling in to a real home. Somewhere we won't have to pack up and move out of in the next year. We can stay here as long as we dang well want to!

In addition to the new addition we'll be expecting in March, we also got two kittens to join the family. They are cute as buttons and I need to upload a picture of them. They're two little brothers, one black and white and the other orange, and their names are Jacob and Edward. Yes, yes. I know you may think I'm lame. Bite me. I love Stephenie Meyer's books so you can just roll your eyes all you want. Jakey and Ed. Those are my boys. :)

Well, that pretty much sums up our two month absence...or however long its been since the last time I updated our blog. We're preggo, home owners, and Stephenie Meyer fans. Hopefully life will start to get back to normal and I'll be able to update more often. So stay tuned.....